Dr Kathleen Mar

Project Leader
+49 331 28822-366


IASS Project

  • Climate Action in National and International Processes (ClimAct)

Key Project Partners

  • Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC)
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Research Interests

  • Climate policy and its implementation, including monitoring, reporting and verification
  • The role of societal goals such as health, clean air, and quality of life in the development of sustainable climate policies
  • Air quality and climate interactions
  • Non-CO2 climate  forcers
  • Communication on climate science and policy 

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2012-Present: IASS Scientist and Project Leader
  • 2008-2012: Environmental Scientist and Air Compliance Officer, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Northwest Region (Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.)
  • 2002-2008: Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • K. A. Mar, M. C. McCarthy, P. Connell, and K. A. Boering, “Modeling the photochemical origins of deuterium enrichment in stratospheric H2,” Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 2007.
  • A. Van Wyngarden, K. A. Mar, K. Boering, J. J. Lin, Y. T. Lee, S. Y. Lin, H. Guo, and G. Lendvay, “Non-statistical behavior of the reactive scattering in the 18O+32O2 isotope exchange reaction,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(10), 2866-2870, 2007.
  • K. A. Mar, A. L. Van Wyngarden, C-W Liang, J. J. Lin, Y. T. Lee, and K. A.. Boering, “A crossed beam study of 18O(3P)+NO2 and 18O(1D)+NO2: Isotope exchange and O2+NO formation channels,” Journal of Chemical Physics, 2012.