Dr Ira Matuschke

Senior Research Associate
+49 331 28822-375


IASS Projects

  • Pathways to Sustainable Energy

Research Interests

  • Sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), food security, econometrics, rural development, adoption of modern technologies, food waste and losses, social network analysis

Curriculum Vitae

  • Dr Ira Matuschke joined the IASS in August 2014. Prior to that she worked as an Agricultural Policy Analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. She has also worked for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, Rome), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD, Rome), and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI, Washington, D.C. and Addis Ababa). Ira holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics (magna cum laude) from the University of Hohenheim and an MA in Development Economics from the University of Sussex. She also studied at the University of Maastricht and the Australian National University. Her work has been published widely and she is also a reviewer for several academic journals.

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

Peer-reviewed journals (Selection)

  • Matuschke, I. and M. Qaim, “The impact of social networks on hybrid seed adoption in India”, Agricultural Economics, 40(5): 493–505, 2009.
  • Matuschke, I. and M. Qaim, “Seed market privatisation and farmers' access to crop technologies: The case of hybrid pearl millet adoption in India”, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 59(3): 498–515, 2008.
  • Smale, M., P. Zambrano, J.Falck-Zepeda, G. Gruère and I. Matuschke, “Economic impact of transgenic crops in developing countries: A note on methods”, International Journal of Biotechnology, 10(6): 519–555, 2008.
  • Matuschke, I., Mishra, R.R. and M. Qaim, “Adoption and impact of hybrid wheat in India”, World Development, Vol. 35(8): 1422–1436, 2006.

Other publications (Selection)

  • Matuschke, I. and S. Kohler, “Urbanization and food security”, in Alliance Development Works, UNU-EHS (Eds.), World Risk Report 2014: The city as a risk area, Alliance Development Works, 30–34, 2014.
  • Raney, T., A. Adenle and I. Matuschke, “Economic success but political failure? The paradox of GM crops in developing countries”, in S.J. Smyth, P.W.B. Phillips, D. Castle (eds), Handbook On Agriculture, Biotechnology and Development, Edward Elgar Publishing, 716–727, 204.
  • Raney, T. and I. Matuschke, “Current and potential farm-level impacts of genetically modified crops in developing countries”, in C.A. Carter, G. Moschini, I. Sheldon (eds) Genetically Modified Food and Global Welfare, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 55–82, 2011.
  • Schmidhuber, J. and I. Matuschke, “Shift and swing factors and the special role of weather and climate”, in B. Kapinar and C. Häberli, Food crisis and the WTO, Cambridge University Press, 136–164, 2010.
  • Mangstl, A. and I. Matuschke, “Herausforderungen für die globale Ernährungsicherung”, Agrarische Rundschau, 1: 10–12, 2010.
  • Carr, M. and I. Matuschke, “Innovative activity profile, Tanzania: Conservation agriculture for sustainable development”, in: World Bank, FAO, IFAD, Gender in Agricultural Livelihoods Sourcebook, World Bank, 302–304, 2008. 
  • Matuschke, I., „Evaluating the impact of social networks in rural innovation systems. An overview”, IFPRI Discussion Paper, No. 816, Washington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute, 2008.

Further Information