Dr Bing Xue

Research Fellow
+49 331 28822-349


Research Interests

  • Human, policy and technology dimensions analysis in climate change
  • Integrated energy and material flow management 
  • Circular economy tools, methods and policies

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since Nov. 2011: Associate Professor, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • July 2009 - Nov. 2011: Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Sept. 2005 - June 2009: PhD in Human Geography, Institute of Human Geography at Lanzhou University, China
  • Oct. 2007 - Nov. 2008: joint-educational PhD candidate at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany (topic: Material Flow Management and Circular Economy)
  • Sept. 2003 - Aug. 2005: Master Student of Science in Economic Geography, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences Lanzhou University, China (topic: Ecological Economic and Sustainability)
  • Sept. 1999 - Aug. 2003: Bachelor of Geography Science, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Lanzhou University, China
  • July 2002 – Sept. 2002: "Chun-Tsung Scholar" at Department of Economics at Taiwan Tsinghua University, (supported by Prof.Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee who was a Nobel Laureate in 1957)

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Xue, B.*; Mitchell, B; Geng, Y.; Ren, W.; Müller, K.; Ma, Z.; Puppim de Oliveira, J. A.; Fujita, T.; Tobias, M.; (2014) A review on China’s pollutant emissions reduction assessment, Ecological Indicators, 38: 272-278.
  • Ren, W.; Xue, B.*; Geng, Y.; Sun, L.; Ma, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Mitchell, B; (2014) Inventorying heavy metal pollution in redeveloped brownfield and its policy contribution: case study from Tiexi district, China, Land Use Policy, 38: 138-146.
  • Ma, Z.; Xue, B.*; Geng, Y.; Ren, W.; Fujita, T.; Zhang, Z.; Puppim de Oliveira, J. A.; (2013) Co-benefits analysis on climate change and environmental effects of wind-power: a case study from Xinjiang, China, Renewable Energy, 57: 35-42.
  • Xue, B.*; Ren, W.; (2012) China’s Uncertain CO2 emissions, Nature - climate change, 2(11): 762. (correspondence).
  • Xue, B.; Chen, X.; Geng, Y.; Guo, X.; Lu, C.P.; Zhang, Z.; Lu, C.Y.; (2010) Survey of officials’ awareness on circular economy development in China: based on municipal and county level, Resources Conservation and Recycling, 54(12):1296-1302.

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Dr. Bing Xue