Dr Andrea Mues

Project Scientist
+49 (0) 331 288 22-358


IASS Project

  • An assessment of the impact of black carbon on air quality and climate in the Kathmandu Valley and surroundings – a model study (BERLiKUM project)

Research Interests

  • atmospheric chemistry
  • regional air quality
  • air quality and climate interactions
  • atmospheric modeling

Curriculum Vitae

  • since June 2013 project scientist in the SLCP Aerosol group at IASS Potsdam
  • 2009-2013 Scientific assistant and Ph.D. student, Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Meteorology, Germany, Repeated work stays of several months at the Dutch research institute TNO, Utrecht
  • 2009 Diploma in Meteorology (MSc degree), Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Meteorology, Germany

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • A. Mues, J. Kuenen, C. Hendriks, A. Manders, A. Segers, Y. Scholz, C. Hueglin, P. Builtjes, and M. Schaap, 2014. Sensitivity of air pollution simulations with LOTOS-EUROS to the temporal distribution of anthropogenic emissions. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 939-955.
  • A. Mues, A. Manders, M. Schaap, L.H. van Ulft, E. van Meijggard, P. Builtjes, 2013. Differences in particulate matter concentrations between urban and rural regions under current and changing climate conditions. Atmospheric Environment, 80, 232-247.
  • A. Manders, E. van Meijgaard, A. Mues, R. Kranenburg, L.H.van Ulft, M.Schaap, 2012. The impact of differences in large-scale circulation output from climate models on the regional modeling of ozone and PM. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 9441-9458.
  • A. Mues, A. Manders, M. Schaap, A. Kerschbaumer, R. Stern, P. Builtjes, 2012. Impact of the extreme meteorological conditions during the summer 2003 in Europe on particulate matter concentrations. Atmospheric Environment, 55, 377-391.