Citizen Participation in the Energy Transition: Researchers from KWI and IASS Present Recommendations

Demoenergy explores the role of citizen participation within the energy transition. © IASS/KWI/Sabine Söder, CoCreative Flow
A majority of the German population supports the energy transition in principle. Nevertheless, projects ...Read more

Secure and Sustainable Energy in a Water-Constrained World: IASS Researchers Publish Policy Recommendations

The global water needs of the energy sector are large. Without policy changes ...Read more

How Climate Friendly is Natural Gas? Researchers Discuss the Impact of Fugitive Emissions

Transmission pipelines in an oil and gas processing plant. © istock/zorazhuang
Natural gas occupies a prominent place in the debate about a low-carbon future.Read more

How Can We Encourage Collective Behaviour Change towards Sustainable Futures? Experts Develop New Approaches

© Ilan Chabay/IASS
A growing body of scientific information exists about the rapid global changes that impose ...Read more

Superconductivity: New Paper Highlights Progress in Sustainable Power Transmission with Higher Public Acceptance

Integrating an increasing amount of renewable energy into the power supply is a challenge...Read more

More Growth! Really? Book Project and Workshop on the Development of a Key Concept in Journalism

How did growth make it into the papers? In his book, IASS fellow Ferdinand Knauß critically examines a key concept in politics and journalism. © istock/ kutaytanir
Among politicians and journalists, economic growth tends to be considered a prerequisite for...Read more

COP21: IASS Researchers Stress Co-Benefits of Reducing Air Pollution for Climate, Health, and Sustainable Development

Reducing air pollution can combat climate change, save lives, and help achieve sustainable...Read more

Healthy Soils and Climate Protection: Global Landscapes Forum on the Sidelines of COP21 Focuses on Land Use

IASS researchers discuss questions of land use at the Global Landscapes Forum in Paris. From left to right – Hannah Janetschek, Anne Flohr, Keerthi Kiran Bandru, Larissa Stiem, Ivonne Lobos Alva and Girum Getachew Alemu. © IASS/Carolin Sperk
The role of healthy soils in climate protection and food security is a major...Read more