Local Efforts for a Global Agenda: IASS Policy Brief Recommends New Paths for the Protection of the Oceans

(c) Janna Shakeroff Theisen
Helping to strengthen people’s and governments’ ability to achieve good ocean governance ...Read more

Complex Risks: IASS Discusses Wiser Water Management for a Growing Energy Sector

“Political pressure is required” – speaking at the World Water Week, IASS researcher Sybille Röhrkasten stressed that relying on the energy sector to regulate its activities sufficiently will put water security at risk. © IASS
Meeting the rising demand for energy is a central prerequisite for economic growth ...Read more

Dealing with Climate Change Impacts – Potsdam Summer School Starts with Young Talents from All Over the World

At the Potsdam Summer School, early-career scientists and young professionals discuss the impacts of climate change. (c) IASS/David Ausserhofer
From global sea level rise to extreme events like floods or droughts – even with ambitious ...Read more

User Feedback Requested for Planned Relaunch of the IASS Website

Our website is a central platform for the IASS to communicate its research ...Read more

Getting Citizen Participation Right – Handbook Highlights Best Practice

Citizen participation has become part and parcel of the development of public works.Read more

Fostering the Coal Consensus – The Contribution of Sustainability Research

Roughly 500 people gathered in Cologne on 21 May 2015 to protest against the introduction of a climate levy on older power plants. The protesters formed a human chain around Cologne Cathedral and handed out bags of brown coal to the public. © Markus Feger
As part of its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand renewable ...Read more

Climate Protection as a Means to Reduce Poverty and Support Economic Development: Dialogue on Energy Partnerships

Energy partnerships are an important instrument of Germany’s foreign relations. © istock/violetkaipa
Fostering the growth of sustainable energy is an important aspect of the German ...Read more

Farm Fresh? IASS Fact Sheet Tackles Agriculture’s Role in Air Pollution

Cows are unable to process protein in feedstock effectively, leading to ammonia emissions when their urea and faeces mix. The appropriate use of low-protein feedstock can reduce ammonia emissions without harming the health or welfare of farm animals. © shutterstock/Gary Blakeley
Agriculture is probably not the first thing that springs to mind as a major source of air pollutants.Read more

Policy Brief Recommends Greater Transparency on Deep Seabed Mining

The International Seabed Authority should involve the public in decision-making processes around deep seabed mining and ensure that it is fully informed, recommends a new IASS Policy Brief. © istock/tolokonov
The deep sea is the largest and least understood ecosystem on Earth. The exploitation ...Read more

Chair of the Green Parliamentary Group, Anton Hofreiter, Meets with IASS Directors to Talk about Societal Transformation

Mark G. Lawrence and Anton Hofreiter. © IASS
Anton Hofreiter was briefed at the IASS on the latest research results on societal ...Read more