How Much Is Enough? What German Parliamentarians Think About Economic Growth

German parliamentarians and their staff may well have their own opinions on the subject of growth, but this diversity of opinions is not reflected in official documents. © istock/Mlenny/Peshkov/monsitj (montage)
The question of whether economic growth hinders or promotes sustainable ...Read more

U.S. Presidential Elections: IASS Sees Climate and Sustainability Goals at Risk

Donald Trump (c) istock/mfhiatt
Scientific directors express their concern in a joint statementRead more

Implementing the Paris Agreement: IASS Attends COP22 in Marrakech

Researchers from the IASS will participate in a number of events at the UN Climate Conference ...Read more

Global Energy Transition: Researchers Present Recommendations for Cooperation with North Africa

North Africa holds immense potential for renewable energy generation. (c) istock/Ugurhan Betin; Pixelio/Rainer Sturm
Germany’s goals for the expansion of renewable energies and the improvement of ...Read more

Germany’s G20 Presidency: An Opportunity for a Global Energy Transition?

China held the G20 Presidency in 2016. At the G20 meeting in September in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China, the heads of state and government of the nineteen leading industrial nations and the EU resolved to step up their efforts for climate protection. © UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
Together, the G20 states are responsible for over 70 per cent of energy ...Read more

IASS Presents Research Programme for 2017–2021

Under the leadership of Mark Lawrence, Patrizia Nanz and Ortwin Renn (f.l.), IASS researchers will focus on three policy processes – the energy transition and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. © IASS/Hendrik Rauch
The energy transition, climate policy, and the implementation of the UN Sustainable ...Read more

Kopernikus Project “Energy Transition Navigation System” to Kick Off in Berlin 19–21 December

The energy transition touches on diverse interlinking and interdependent systems. © iStock/ Daniel Barnes
The implementation of the energy transition is already well under way.Read more

Investments Needed to Unlock Huge Potential for Renewable Energies for Africa

At the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) the African Union and its member states ...Read more

An Important Debate or a First World Problem? Journalism and the Growth Paradigm

Have journalists become mouthpieces for economists? Rainer Hank, Ferdinand Knauß, Ortwin Renn and presenter Manuel Rivera (f.l.t.r.). © Richard Häussler/stratum lounge
It’s difficult to imagine what business journalism would be without the wealth of statistics ...Read more

Dealing with Climate Change Impacts: Potsdam Summer School Inspires Young Talents

Dealing with the impacts of climate change was the focus of the Potsdam Summer School, which was attended by 37 outstanding young talents from 26 countries. © IASS
Even if ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are achieved, the impacts ...Read more