New Reports Detail Essential Climate Policies Needed to Limit Warming to below 2°Celsius

(c) istock/rottadana
CO2 Mitigation is a crucial step but it alone cannot prevent dangerous and possibly catastrophic ...Read more

Claus Leggewie to Investigate Sustainability in Politics as IASS Senior Fellow

Claus Leggewie © KWI/Volker Wiciok
Politicians have only a few decades to put into action the kinds ...Read more

UNIDO Report Explores Potential of Industry 4.0 to Accelerate Transition towards Sustainable Energies

Industry 4.0 promises improved methods of production and business models. (c) istock/krystiannawrocki
A new report launched today by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization ...Read more

Potsdam Summer School Explores the Future of Cities

Potsdam Summer School participants in 2016. Image: IASS/Piero Chiussi
The rapid pace of change around the world is presenting humankind and human environments ...Read more

Democracy Boosts Climate Performance

Democratic participation benefits efforts to protect the climate. In response to growing hostility towards science, people in Paris and other cities took to the streets in the March for Science to demonstrate for academic freedom on 22 April 2017. © Augustin Le Gall/HAYTHAM-REA/laif
Politicians tend to think in election cycles, but many of the measures aimed at mitigating...Read more

Sustainable Urban Development: IASS Selected to Support “Norderstedt City of the Future”

A walkable city set among green fields: Workshops across Norderstedt will support the ongoing development of a vision for a sustainable city by representatives of civil society, science, local government, and business. © Norderstedt
Affordable housing, sustainable mobility solutions, and demographic ...Read more

Soil Protection for Sustainable Development: Global Soil Week 2017 Formulates Recommendations for UN

The UN sustainable development goals were the focus of the Global Soil Week 2017. © IASS/Piero Chiussi
While none of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) focuses specifically on soil protection ...Read more

Regional Alliances for the Sustainable Use of the Oceans

Sea turtles face many threats in their marine habitat, not least from marine litter ©IASS / Carole Durussel
Sustainability Researchers Table Recommendations for UN NegotiationsRead more

Heinrich Böll Foundation and IASS Bring Acclaimed Exhibition examples to follow! – sustainable worlds to Chile

What is the role of artistic intervention and aesthetic experience in sustainable development issues? IASS researchers are exploring this question together with a group of young researchers from Valparaíso. © Sonja Linke
How can art help us to find solutions to such pressing global challenges as climate ...Read more

Politics at All Levels Giving New Impetus to Climate Protection

An exchange of ideas at different levels of politics has given new impetus to climate protection. © istock/Cecilie_Arcurs (symbolic image).
International agreements like the Paris Climate Agreement are vitally important for climate ...Read more