Renewable Energy Expected to be Cheaper than All Fossil Fuels within the next 10 Years

While renewables have made significant advances in the power sector, options for a renewable future in the aviation sector remain significantly more uncertain. © istock/narvikk
A new report has revealed an overwhelming consensus that renewable power will dominate ...Read more

Broad Public Support for Climate Protection and Renewables in Europe

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A clear majority of citizens is in favour of renewables, most agree that "climate change ...Read more

New Approaches in International Cooperation Needed as Arctic Sea Ice Declines

Arctic temperatures are rising at a rate that is twice the global average. The effects of this warming can be felt around the world. © Kathrin Keil
Long treated as a remote and isolated region, climate change and new economic prospects ...Read more

Sustainable Land Management: Plan for More Effective Support in Tanzania and Malawi

Terraces like those shown here in the Lushoto research area in Tanzania are a form of sustainable land management. © Judith Rosendahl
Tanzania and Malawi are agricultural countries: more than two thirds of the population ...Read more

Addressing Air Quality and Climate Change: Key Considerations for Decision-makers

The adoption of an integrated approach to air quality and climate change could help to reduce unintended side-effects as well as delivering environmental and economic benefits.
From their emission sources to their impacts on climate, human health, and ecosystems ...Read more

Governing Tenure Rights to Commons: Guidelines Present Strategies and Examples from the Field

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New guidelines developed under the leadership of IASS researchers provide strategic ...Read more

Making Sustainable Development Inclusive: Call for Applications to the Potsdam Summer School

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Making societies sustainable requires that we bring together knowledge from diverse ...Read more

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal for the Oceans - IASS Policy Brief Launched

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UN member States, researchers and non-governmental organisations are meeting ...Read more

Municipal Utilities Lukewarm on Participation

Municipal utilities have the potential to foster local energy transitions in cooperation with the public. © Timo Jaster/Stiftung Mitarbeit
Citizen participation is crucial to the success of the German energy transition as ...Read more

2016 Global Think Tank Ranking: IASS ranks among Top Western European Think Tanks

Chatham House (UK) is Think Tank of the Year 2016, while Brookings Institution (US) remains ...Read more