14th December 2015, Chemical Processing

Researchers Crack Methane Cracking


05th December 2015, The Economist

Carbon capture and storage -​ On a hot-tin route


25th November 2015, Chemistry Today (TKS – Tekno Scienze Publisher) 

Crack it! Energy from a Fossil Fuel without carbon di-oxide


24th November 2015, New Energy and Fuel

Burn Natural Gas Without Any Making Any CO2


19th November 2015, Science Newsline

Crack it! Energy from a fossil fuel without carbon dioxide


19th November 2015, Science Codex

Crack it! Energy from a fossil fuel without carbon dioxide


30th October 2015, Nepali Times


23rd October 2015, Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E)


11th September 2015, Kathmandu Post

Airpocalypse: There is an urgent need to address the alarming levels of air pollution in Kathmandu


28.08.2015, Listening Brief

Kathrin Keil - Arctic Future


25th August 2015, Dom Total

Extrativismo acirra conflitos sociais


16th July 2015, Daily Times Gazette

Geoengineering technology not Enough to Curb Global Warming


29th June 2015, The Star (Kenya)

The case against new investments in coal power stations (with R. Andreas Kraemer)


17th June 2015, Clean Energy Wire

The history of the Energiewende: Energiewende - the first four decades (with Sebastian Helgenberger)


5th June 2015, O imparcial

Acordos com países vizinhos poderia amenizar crise no setor energético (with Sybille Röhrkasten)


4th May 2015, South China Morning Post

Not quick fix for China's polluted soil


1st May 2015, Radio Canada International

The Arctic Council: What was accomplished and where we go from here (Interview with Kathrin Keil)


29th April 2015, Rural 21

Give soil a voice


28th April 2015, Arab News

Year of Soils


26th April 2015, The Japan Times

Time to stop taking the Earth'S Soil for granted


24th April 2015, Azernews

Save our Soils


23nd April 2015, dpa international

Frost in Iqaluit: Russian crisis casts shadow over Arctic meeting


22nd April 2015, Farm Business

Healthy soils are the foundation of food production


21st April 2015, Kennislink

Bodems in kaart


21st April 2015, Deutsche Welle

Loss of fertile soils a security risk


21st April 2015, New Kerala

UN official stresses link between healthy soils, sustainable development


17th April 2015, Deutsche Welle

Manure and mysticism: Biodynamic farming turns 70


9th April 2015, Japan Times

The Solar Price Revolution (Contribution by Prof. Klaus Töpfer)


5th April 2015, Al-Jazeera

Al Thawra Al Samita Li Asa'ar Al Takka Al Shamsia (Contribution by Prof. Klaus Töpfer)


5th April 2015, Gulf Times

The Solar Price Revolution is on... (Contribution by Prof. Klaus Töpfer)


3rd April 2015, Project Syndicate

The Solar Price Revolution (Contribution by Prof. Klaus Töpfer)


23rd March 2015, SciDev.net

Push for soil indicators to help monitor SDGs


20th March 2015, Mining Journal

Marine mining: Seeking returns in uncharted waters


20th March 2015, Deutsche Welle

Consumir agua con sentido de austeridad


20th March 2015, Deutsche Welle

Mundo pode ter só 60% da água que precisa em 2030, diz ONU


13th March 2015, CityLab

What Happens When an Eclipse Hits the World's Most Solar-Powered Country?


23rd February 2015, Artefact Magazine

Climate Engineering: Can We Techno-Fix our Mistakes?


16th February 2015, Voeding Nu

"Geen grote oplossingen tijdens Feeding the World"


3rd February 2015, Gulf News

What's the right temperature for the Earth?


3rd February 2015, Energie Actueel

"De EU is zeker nu verplicht te handelen"


1st February 2015, The Hour

What's the right temperature for the Earth?


31st January 2015, Centre Daily Times

Climate control existes, but who gets the remote?


29th January 2015, The Washington Post

What's the right temperature for the Earth?


20th January 2015, ANSA

Rubbia, basta rinnovabili il futuro è nel 'rompere' il metano


8th January 2015, Motherboard

Planet Hackers