12th December 2014, Globo

Mau uso fará solos férteis caírem pela metade até 2050


7th December 2014, Ocasapiens blog (La Repubblica)

Gnurant, neghista o globalcoolista?


26th November 2014, Assoelettrica (Blog)

Il futuro è nello shale gas. Lo dice il premio Nobel Carlo Rubbia


25th November 2014, l'Espresso

Risorse energetiche, la versione 
di Carlo Rubbia


19th November 2014, Il foglio quotidiano

E se lo dice Carlo Rubbia...


9th November 2014, New York Times

Climate Tools Seek to Bend Nature's Path


3rd October 2014, swissinfo.com

Manipulating climate to fight global warming


22th September 2014, Le Monde

6th September 2014, Trouw

Te vroeg voor klimaatknutselen


27th August 2014, Sourceable Industry News

The World's First Framework for Climate Engineering


25th August 2014, The Mad Spaceball Blog

Rain from SpaceLight


22nd August 2014, Motherboard

Scientists Propose Using Lasers to Fight Global Warming From Space


22nd August 2014, B.I.T.s in bits blog

5 Ways the World Doesn’t Need Climate Engineering Now


21st August 2014, Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)

Geoengineering creeps from sci-fi to reality

20th August 2014, Motherboard

‘It’s Only a Matter of Time’: Scientists Consider Geoengineering a Cooler Plant

19th August 2014, Science Magazine

Scientists seek high bar for climate engineering experiments

18th August 2014, future earth blog

Assessing geoengineering: a technical fix too far?

18th August 2014, Motherboard

Scientists Propose First Major Framework for Climate Engineering Experiments

18th August 2014, Motherboard

Planet Hacks: Climate Engineering is About to Get Real

18th June 2014, CityLab

Not All Tree-Planting Programs Are Great for the Environment


1st June 2014, Scientific American

The Paradox of Pollution-Producing Trees


14th April 2014, sustainablebusinesstoolkit.com

Climate Paradox: Do We Need to Phase Out Coal?


10th April 2014, The Phnom Penh Post

Atmospheric hole discovered


9th April 2014, Giornalettismo

Pil: il numero magico del mondo


4th April 2014, sustainablebusinesstoolkit.com

Did Europe sacrifice its climate leadership role to backwards-oriented money making business?


12th March 2014, Libero Quotidiano.it

Rinnovabili, Rubbia lancia test per trasmissione energia a grandi distanze


26th February 2014, National Geographic

Can World Leaders Tame the Wild West of the High Seas?


22nd Febraury 2014, The Economist

Governing the high seas: In deep water


31st January 2014, Canal Capital

Building Urban Resilience/ Construyendo Resiliencia Urbana


7th January 2014, The Globe and Mail

A reality check on the Northwest Passage 'boom'