IASS in the Media

September 6th, 2017 pv magazine (Photovoltaics magazine, USA)

Can high levels of solar and wind coexist with nuclear generation on the grid? with Craig Morris


August 13, 2017 Deutsche Welle

'Ejemplos a seguir': Conectando arte y ciencia en la búsqueda de soluciones contra el cambio climático


August 2, 2017 Diplomatisches Magazin

The European Payments Union: Back to the Future by Armin Haas


July 27, 2017 SDG Knowledge Hub

SDG Thematic Reviews for Integrated Implementation: What We Learned from a Review Pilot


July 21, 2017 arte info

Des arbres pour améliorer la qualité de l'air allemand with Erika von Schneidemesser


July 12, 2017 Carnegie Europe

Judy Asks: Is Europe Too Dependent on Russian Energy? Mit R. Andreas Kraemer


July 11, 2017 tech2

The key to India’s solar energy dreams lies in public co-operation, not just in an investor-led approach mit Craig Morris


June 28, 2017 SciDevNet

Africa’s R&D voice needed on use of solar engineering with Andrew Parker


June 25th, 2017 The Conversation

Blocking out the sun to reduce global warming - an idea still in the making with Andrew Parker


June 20th, 2017 SparkDialog

Sustainability - The Bigger Picture with Oliver Putz


June 17th, 2017 Extra Noticias

¿Qué son las sociedades extractivistas?


June 15th, 2017 The National

Can we curb global warming and boost economic growth? with Andreas Kraemer


June 14th, 2017 DW Deutsche Welle

Greening up cities with Galina Churkina


June 14th, 2017 DW Deutsche Welle

25 years after the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro - an interview with Klaus Töpfer (article in German, Spanish and Portuguese)


June 7th, 2017 Radio Colonia (WDR Cosmo)

L'Europa ci ascolta? (Mp3) with Patrizia Nanz


June 6th, 2017 Deutsche Welle (English)

Who is ruling the Sea? Our oceans need a government, too with Sebastian Unger


June 5th, 2017, IISD SDG Knowledge Hub

Focus on Interactions to Make the SDGs a Success: Our Key Messages for the Ocean Conference co-authored by Sebastian Unger


June 2nd, 2017, World Economic Forum

Want to protect the oceans? Time to consider the wider world of development co-authored by Sebastian Unger


June 2nd, 2017, The Himalayan Times

Kathmandu: Memorandum of Understanding signed on pollution control mit Mark Lawrence


May 31st, 2017, El Mostrador

Obras de artistas de categoría mundial recalan en Valparaíso para reflexionar sobre el cambio climático


May 25th, 2017, Deutsche Welle (Spanish)

México y Chile luchan contra el carbono negro with Kathleen Mar


May 18th, 2017, New Atlas

How more trees in a city can make smog worse with Galina Churkina


May 18th, 2017, Cosmos

City trees may worsen air pollution in hot weather with Galina Churkina


May 17th, 2017, Popular Science and AOL.news

Trees might actually make summer air pollution even worse with Galina Churkina


May 17th 2017, ScienceNews

When it’s hot, plants become a surprisingly large source of air pollution with Galina Churkina

March 2017, future earth blog

Taking a holistic approach to air pollution and climate change (with Erika von Schneidemesser)


6th September 2016, IISD

Piloting Global Thematic Reviews of the SDGs: The Case of Natural Resources (Guest Article by Jes Weigelt & Ivonne Lobos Alva)


18th July 2016, Undark

Will Developing Nations Hack the Climate? (with Andy Parker)


11th July 2016, Caribseek News

Workshop on Scientific Mechanism to Reduce Radiation


8th July 2016, The Guardian

The EU of business-as-usual is dead. Long live the EU (by Patrizia Nanz, Claus Leggewie and Daniel Cohn-Bendit)


7th July 2016, Nationwide (Jamaica)

Interview on Solar Radiation Management with Andy Parker


6th July 2016, NewsTalk 93 FM (Jamaica)

Interview on Solar Radiation Management with Andy Parker


21st June 2016, terra

Alemanha é país que mais polui o ar na União Europeia


15th June 2016, DNA India

India leads way to form association of gas-purchasing countries (with Andreas Krämer)


10th June 2016, Renewables International

Coal - Are the long-term costs of lignite mining in Germany covered?


8th May 2016LE MONDE


8th May 2016, IDN-InDepthNews

Ena​bling Civil Society to Monitor Development Agenda 


27th April 2016, TVO (Canada)

An energy miracle (last video - discussion round with Ortwin Renn at the Waterloo Global Science Initiative's OpenAccess Energy Summit)


26th April 2016, Juraforum

Jump-star​ting the SDGs in Germany


30th March, Juraforum

Patrizia Nanz Joins IASS as Scientific Director – New Leadership Team Takes the Helm


26th March 2016, The Kathmandu Post

Haze attributed to raging jungle blaze (with Maheswar Rupakheti)


11th March 2016, MANA online (Malawi News Agency)

Communities urged​ to link livelihood to sustainable natural resources management 


9th March 2016, pv magazine

IRENA: Renewables can help China reduce water use in power sector


4th March 2016, New Spotlight (Vol.: 09, No 16)

IASS: Solar and wind can reduce global water scarcity


3rd March 2016, The Irish Times 

The city trees that pose a threat to human health (with Galina Churkina)


25th Februrary 2016, The Himalalayan Times

Nepal, Germany sign mutual scientific cooperation deal


24th Februrary 2016, HT Syndication

NAST, IASS sign MoU for scientific cooperation


19th Februrary 2016, New Spotlight (Vol.: 09, No 15)

Nepal and G​ermany signed MoU for Science Cooperation 


17th Februrary 2016, WSFA News 12

Norwegian city proves COP21 carbon reduction targets are achievable with Water Source Heat Pumps (IASS Potsdam’s Smart Energy Systems Workshop)


14th Februrary 2016, Truthout

Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere: Recarbonizing the Earth's Soils (Global Soil Week)


February 2016, EHP Environmental Health Perspectives (Vol. 124/ Issue 2)

Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere: Recarbonizing the Earth’s So​ils (Global Soil Week)


20th January 2016, Scientific American

Can Germany Ditch ​Coal?


1st January 2016, Chemical Engineering

Making hydrogen (and carbon) by cracking methane in molten metal