Our Profile

The IASS Potsdam was founded in 2009 for the purpose of gathering together all relevant forms of knowledge from science, society and politics in order to initiate and support a transformation towards sustainable development that is grounded in scientific research. Currently around 100 researchers from over 30 different countries are working at the institute on projects that span the humanities and the natural and social sciences.

Our status as an Institute for Advanced Studies means that international researchers at the IASS can pursue interdisciplinary research using innovative methods to find new and actionable solutions to urgent global sustainability questions.

Our research follows a transdisciplinary approach. This means that we actively include societal stakeholders in the research and peer-review processes. In this way, we ensure that our scientific insights are directly usable for society. By involving society at large in our research from the very start, we also contribute to generating new research questions that address the urgent challenges posed by sustainable development.

Our strategic focus lies on sustainability issues where we see a great need for transformation or expect a high transformation potential as a result of developing new options for action. We identify these issues in a dialogue with stakeholders and with the IASS Advisory Board and General Assembly.