Structure & Bodies

Organisational Structure

At present the IASS is composed of the following bodies:

  • General Assembly: The IASS is a registered association under German law and is made up of a number of institutional and personal members. The General Assembly is tasked with reviewing the research programme and annual budget. It appoints and elects the Management Board and Advisory Board respectively, and exercises oversight of the IASS. Karin Lochte is the Chair of the General Assembly.
  • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the governing body of the IASS. The Board defines the strategic focus and research programme of the IASS and engages in dialogue with policymakers, industry, science, and civil society. At present the Board of Directors comprises the Scientific Directors – Mark Lawrence, Patrizia Nanz, and Ortwin Renn.
  • The Executive Board of Directors is currently comprised of Managing Scientific Director Mark Lawrence. The position of Administrative Director is not filled at present.
  • The Research Management and Organisational Development department supports the Board of Directors in coordinating and planning the research programme and in furthering the organisational development of the IASS, for example, through internal and external evaluations.
  • Advisory Board: The General Assembly and Management Board are counselled by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board comprises twelve members drawn from the spheres of science, business, politics, and civil society. Reinhard Hüttl is the Chair of the Advisory Board.
  • Administration: The Administration manages the Institute’s administrative and logistical operations including, and in particular, its financial and legal affairs as well as matters relating to procurement and the administration of third-party funding, personnel management, the provision of technical infrastructure, and space and event management.  This body is also responsible for ensuring that the principles of sustainable development are implemented within the IASS. The Head of Administration ad interim is Clemens Appel.
  • Research programme: The Research Programme comprises all of the science work and activities undertaken at the IASS. It is currently divided into five areas: Transformation of Energy Systems, Air Quality in the Context of Global Change, Sustainability Governance, Emerging Technologies and Social Transformations in the Anthropocene, and Economics and Culture. These research areas and the administration of the Institute are supported by the Cross-cutting Unit on Transdisciplinarity and Transformation, which is tasked with driving the development of theory and methodology at the IASS.
  • Press & Communications is responsible for the Institute’s press and public relations activities and external communications.