Archive 2016

Workshop: The G20’s potential for advancing a global transition towards sustainable energy

Germany takes over the G20 presidency from China in 2016. This offers an important window of opportunity ... … Read more

Book Presentation: Energy Democracy

How did the Germans convince their politicians to pass laws allowing citizens to make their own energy, even when it hurt utility companies? … Read more

Public Talk: The Cultural Affordances of Climate Fiction

The talk by IASS senior fellow Julia Leyda explores climate change narratives in contemporary fiction and film. … Read more

Workshop: The Current Trends in Urban Sustainability Science and Practice

07.11.2016 to 08.11.2016
With more than half of the world’s people living in cities, cities are at the core ... … Read more

COP22 side event in Marrakech

Actions on near-term climate mitigation to protect air quality and achieve the Paris climate goals and the SDGs. … Read more

Symposium on Collective Behaviour Change

21.11.2016 to 24.11.2016
The Taiwan KLASICA symposium is the first in a series of events intended to advance understanding of and stimulate action on collective behaviour change ... … Read more

Dritte Vorlesung zum Anthropozän

Seit einigen Jahren wird das Anthropozän als neue geologische Epoche diskutiert ... … Read more

3. Nationaler Dialog zur Meeres-Governance

Ziel des Dialogs ist es, den Stand der Entwicklung eines rechtsverbindlichen Durchführungsabkommens im Rahmen der ... … Read more

Energiewende-Navigationssystem geht an den Start

19.12.2016 to 21.12.2016
Die Energiewende in Deutschland nimmt Fahrt auf. Doch wie kann sie sozial, ökologisch und ökonomisch nachhaltig gestaltet werden? … Read more