Archive 2016

Parliamentary Evening on German Research and Policy on the Arctic

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising twice as fast as those in other parts of the world, a rate that scientific observations and analyses... … Read more

Global Soil Forum Hosts Quiz Show at International Green Week

18.01.2016 to 19.01.2016
Pizza, neighbours, elephants, world trade, hunger. What do these things have in common? … Read more

IASS-KLASICA Workshop on Collective Behaviour Change for Sustainable Futures

07.02.2016 to 09.02.2016
The IASS is hosting a Knowledge, Learning, and Societal Change International ... … Read more

Workshop: Methane Emissions in Europe

Over the past years, European countries and in particular Germany have taken important steps ... … Read more

Workshop: Assessing the Health and Ecosystem Impacts of Future Global Air Pollution Scenarios

17.02.2016 to 19.02.2016
The Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (TF HTAP) is an international ... … Read more

Workshop: Smart Energy Systems

24.02.2016 to 25.02.2016
Smart energy systems will play a crucial role in reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions ... … Read more

2016 Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue: IASS Engages in Science-Policy Outreach on Global Energy Transition

17.03.2016 to 18.03.2016
How are research efforts at the IASS contributing to the transformation ... … Read more

Workshop Series in Benin under BMZ Initiative “One World No Hunger”

04.04.2016 to 14.04.2016
In the West African country of Benin soil degradation caused by ... … Read more

Conference: Futures Past: Experts, Development and Sustainability

28.04.2016 to 29.04.2016
The main goal of the interdisciplinary conference is to advance our understanding of expertise, knowledge ... … Read more

Conference: Jump-starting the SDGs in Germany

02.05.2016 to 04.05.2016
The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by UN Member States ... … Read more