Archive 2015

IASS Initiates Critical Dialogues Series on Sustainable Urbanisation

The IASS is initiating and facilitating a Series of Critical Dialogues on the practicalities of implementing the new urban... … Read more

Expert Workshop: Towards a Research Agenda for Ocean Governance

Investments from the EU and its member states into the Blue Economy continue to be on the rise. … Read more

Lunch Briefing: Governing Ocean Resources - What role for Europe?

The rush for resources from the deep sea is on: Enabled by technological advances... … Read more

Stakeholder Workshop on the Sustainable Development of the Arctic

11.05.2015 to 12.05.2015
Together with the Alfred-Wegener-Institut and Jade University of Applied Sciences … Read more

High‐Level Event on Follow‐Up and Review Mechanisms for SDGs

12.05.2015 to 13.05.2015
In September 2015, Member States of the United Nations will agree... … Read more

Workshop: Living Labs – a Tool for Transformation in the Ground

This year sees the start of a new development and sustainability agenda. The United Nations... … Read more

Workshop: High Seas Governance in Western, Central and Southern Africa

20.06.2015 to 21.06.2015
The Convention for Cooperation in the Protection, Management and Development of the Marine... … Read more

Workshop: Advancing an International Energiewende Policy

Over the past two decades, Germany has emerged as a frontrunner in the... … Read more

Workshop: European Perspectives on Sustainable Biomass

29.06.2015 to 30.06.2015
IASS workshop on review and follow-up mechanisms for the sustainable development goals … Read more

Workshop: Technological Options for the Future European Grid


In the last years, the growing energy demand combined with the need to access and deploy renewable energy sources has led to many scenarios to modernise and/or expand the European electric grid in order to accommodate these new challenges. Assessing the current situation and developing innovative sustainable technologies are increasingly gaining relevance, especially in view of the energy efficiency, security of supply, and public acceptance issues that have become apparent in the last decade.

The goal of this workshop at the IASS is to identify technologies that are mandatory for… Read more