Workshop: Methane Emissions in Europe

Thu, 02/11/2016

Over the past years, European countries and in particular Germany have taken important steps toward a low-carbon future. Renewables and emerging technologies are expected to play a central role in achieving a meaningful reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions. In this context, the role of natural gas in the future energy transition is being discussed. Worldwide, natural gas finds wide application in sectors such as heating, electricity generation, transport and the petro-chemical industry, and its present global consumption of 3500bcm is projected to rise steadily in the next decades.

The workshop “Methane Emissions in Europe: Exploring Threats and Opportunities” aims to initiate debates on current status, potential and limits of methane emission reductions in the European natural gas supply chain. Furthermore, the workshop also seeks to analyze the stakeholders approach when facing the issue of methane leakage, in both contexts of international climate policies and energy trading. More precisely, the workshop will address the following research questions:

  1. What is a current status of methane leaks from the natural gas supply chain in Europe and Russia?
  2. What options are available to mitigate methane leaks and what are their limits?
  3. According to the potential of curbing methane leakages, what role could natural gas play in the future transformation of energy systems?

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