Torsten Thiele

+49 331 228418


IASS Project

  • Ocean Governance

Research Interests

  • Global Ocean Governance, Ocean Finance, Blue Natural Capital, Conservation of Marine Biodiversity, Marine Technology and Innovation Policy, International Seabed Authority, Seabed Mining Ocean Data Infrastructure

Curriculum Vitae

2017 - current    Senior Fellow (Ocean Governance) at IASS Potsdam

2015 - current    Visiting Fellow, LSE Institute of Global Affairs, London

2014 - current    Founder, Global Ocean Trust

2014                 Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University

2013-2014         MPhil, Conservation Leadership, University of Cambridge

2007-2013         Head of Telecoms Project Finance, Investec Bank plc, London

2000-2007         Senior Director, Communication Finance, CIT, London

1998-2000         Director, Project Finance, Bankgesellschaft Berlin, London

1994-1997         Vice President, CEA, Munich

1993-1994         Vice President, Wasserstein Perella, London

1990-1993         Principal Banker, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

1989-1990         Associate, PHB, London

1987-1989         Management Trainee, JP Morgan, Frankfurt and New York

1985-1987         MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

1983-1985         Diplomvolkswirt and 1.juristisches Staatsexamen, Bonn University

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Thiele, T.& Gerber, L., Innovative Financing for the High Seas.Aquatic Conserv, 2017
  • Van Dover, C.L. et al, Biodiversity loss from deep-sea mining, Nature Geoscience, 2017
  • Schmidt, S. et al. The Ocean Dimension of the 2030 Agenda. G20 Insights Brief 2017
  • Visbeck, M. et al. Sustainable Ocean Economy, Innovation and Growth: G20 Brief ’17
  • Gjerde, K.; et. al. incl. Thiele, T. (2016) “Protecting Earth’s last conservation frontier: scientific, management and legal priorities for MPAs beyond national boundaries” Aquatic Conservation Thiele, T. & Harden-Davies, H. (2016) “Technology Transfer” Policy Brief. Nereus 2016 Bourrel, M., Thiele, T., Currie, D. (2016) The Common of Heritage of Mankind as a means to assess and advance equity in deep sea mining Marine Policy 2016 (in press)
  • Leite, L.; et al. incl. Thiele, T. (2016) ”First report of a dead giant squid (Architeuthis dux) from an operating seismic vessel", Marine Biodiversity Records.
  • Thiele:, T. (2015) “Les clés d’un sauvetage”, Le Monde Diplomatique, November 2015
  • Thiele, T. (2015) “Accelerating Impact, The Promise of Blue Finance”, Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking 21, November
  • Thiele, T. (2015) “Sauver l’océan, protéger la haute mer”, Géoéconomie 76 - October

Selected Lectures and Speeches

  • Investment Frameworks for the Ocean, Economist World Ocean Summit, Bali (February 2017) Protecting the Marine Environment: Lessons from the International Seabed Authority for BBNJ, Presented at IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawaii, (September 2016)
  • Blue Finance: Integrating the Ocean into Climate Policy. LSE Institute of Global Affairs (June 2016)
  • Technology Transfer and Instrumenting the High Seas. Focus Group on BBNJ. St.John’s (July 2016)Credible High Seas governance. Presented at International Marine Conservation Congress (2016) Improving the Governance of High Seas and Deep Seas through Technology. SCB Glasgow (2015)Arctic Governance in the Light of UN GA Resolution A/69.L.65. Presented at ShipArc Malmo (2015) Ocean Solutions for our climate: Mitigation through marine innovation. UNFCCC COP21, Paris (2015)
  • Saving the Ocean, Protecting the High Seas: Global Ocean Trust. Presented at Harvard (Nov 2014)