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Presentation of the report on the first European Transdisciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering

Is Climate Engineering an Option in Humanity’ Struggle against Climate Change? … Weiterlesen

“Tropical soil science for food security in Africa and Cuba”


Pedro Sanchez, Director, Agriculture and Food Security Center, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, will be visiting the IASS Potsdam. The Title of his seminar is “Tropical soil science for food security in Africa and Cuba”.

Governing the Water-Energy Nexus: New Integrated Management Practices

Climate change poses fundamental questions about current practices in the use of water … Weiterlesen

Solar Radiation Management: Foresight for Governance

27.08.2015 bis 28.08.2015
“Solar Radiation Management: Foresight for Governance (SRM4G)” is a 3-workshop project... … Weiterlesen

Workshop: Methane Emissions from the Shale Gas Industry

01.09.2015 bis 02.09.2015
Emissions of methane, other volatile organic compounds, and oxides of nitrogen... … Weiterlesen

Facing Natural Hazards: Potsdam Summer School 2015

14.09.2015 bis 23.09.2015

As the recent earthquakes in Nepal have reminded us, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, impinging on the development of increasingly complex and vulnerable societies. It is now clearer than ever that as well as improving our capabilities to predict natural hazards, we need to develop appropriate strategies to manage them in the long term. This year’s Potsdam Summer School is devoted to the theme of natural… Weiterlesen

Öffentlicher Vortrag: "Meine Energiewende, unsere Energiewende"

Klimawandel, ausgelaugte Böden, Energiemangel und Wasserknappheit: Wie können... … Weiterlesen

Critical Dialogues and Curated Labs Series: The New Urban Agenda 'on the ground'

The IASS is initiating and facilitating a Series of Critical Dialogues on the practicalities... … Weiterlesen

Öffentlicher Vortrag: „Wie gefährlich sind Naturkatastrophen? Zwischen Sensationsmache und Verharmlosung.“

Täglich berichten Zeitungen von Naturkatastrophen. Forscher warnen davor, dass wir... … Weiterlesen

Public Seminar with Jairam Ramesh: India as an Evolving Actor in International Climate and Energy Policy

India represents the second most populous country in the world, poised to... … Weiterlesen